We believe:

…that embracing our roots (moving, using herbs & food to nourish our bodies, talking about our challenges) is a path to happier, healthier, more sustainable lives.
…and that our minds and bodies are inseparable. 

Pretty rebellious… we know.

We believe that addressing a person as a whole is the most sustainable, helpful, and effective way to approach health and wellbeing. We believe in moving our bodies, and applying the effects of herbs, massage, breathing, nutrition, and human connection, with the awareness that everything we do influences our inseparable physical and mental health. Guided by these values and supported by formal training as a medicinal herbalist and massage therapist, personal trainer and yoga instructor, we support people to live healthier, more enjoyable lives. Our approach is science-based, influenced by appropriate theoretical backing, and supported by continued education and relevant expert supervision.

Looking for one-on-one personal training or yoga sessions? Or perhaps you’d like to try our online small-group live training Rebel Roots boot camp?

Interested in working with a medicinal herbalist to attain a personalised prescription to support your health?

Treat yourself to a relaxing massage from a Scottish Massage School certified therapist.

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